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Austin Public Health

Is there a Find Me A Vaccine Slack channel for Austin Public Health (APH)?

Yes! Check out #updates-aph

What times do appointments become available for Austin Public Health (APH)?

We have observed that appointments are generally released on Monday at 5:00pm according to the twitter feed. More recently we have seen appointments also on Thursday but that may not be consistent. We suggest getting ready for the online queue around 5:00PM to be ready when the queue opens.

Where can I get more information about Austin Public Health (APH) appointments?

Checking out their Twitter, website, and as always the Texas Vaccine Updates Slack channel

What info do I need to book my appointment with Austin Public Health (APH)?

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Eligibility details
  • Contact info (email, phone)
  • Address
  • Insurance or prescription insurance information (may be requested but not required if not insured)
  • Social Security Number (may be requested but not required not required as citizenship is not required)

When is my 2nd shot scheduled with Austin Public Health (APH)?

For Moderna and Pfizer, 1st & 2nd scheduled at different times. Your 2nd shot will be auto scheduled.

What do I need to bring to my appointment with Austin Public Health (APH)?

  • ID
  • Insurance or pharmacy card, voucher or other coverage (not required)
  • Appointment QR code email
  • 1st vaccine card if getting 2nd dose.
  • TIP: APH suggests bringing water, a chair, and weather appropriate clothes for lines.
  • TIP: Wearing short sleeves makes getting a shot easier and faster.
  • TIP: Separate ADA line available.

How early can I arrive to my Austin Public Health (APH) appointment?

Do not arrive earlier than 1 hour before your appointment.

Are facemasks still required when I get vaccinated?

Face masks are required.

Any other tips for Austin Public Health (APH) appointments?

Look for line & COVID signs.

How do I edit my Austin Public Health (SPH) appointment?

At this time, due to scarcity of available appointments, the APH pre-registration system cannot support changing your appointment time.

How do I cancel my Austin Public Health (APH) appointment?

To cancel, log into your account.